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We chose to start this website and service to help educate motivated and goal driven traders to reach the next level in their trading careers. This service is designed to elevate your thought process while learning self-control and discipline. You’ll not only gain valuable insight from an experienced trader’s every move, but you’ll also be joining a community of like-minded individuals committed to learning and bettering their trading acumen.

If you’re just getting started in trading or know what you’re doing but want to join a community of experienced and successful traders to level up your game, join us today and Trade With ADAM!

We scan for upgrades/downgrades, economic news, earnings results & reactions, chart setups, and break out levels.

Chart Analysis

Focus on key intraday price levels, uptrend/downtrend breakouts, supports/resistances, key technical indicators, and identify chart patterns.

Trade Any Market Environment

We focus on price action and relative strength/weakness.  Market volatility provides opportunities to utilize low cost short term options to realize high percentage returns.

Guidance and Levels

Provide key SPX levels and commentary throughout the trading day in the chatroom, 
so you have an idea of the next potential market direction for higher probability trades.

Assess best option strikes to use, risk management throughout entirety of the trade, and reason for entry.

Weekly Options & Swing Trades

Provide entry levels and trade ideas for common stock and weekly options with the weekly chart watchlist.

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